Alphabet Reusable Silicone Moulds (with hole)

Alphabet Reusable Silicone Moulds (with hole)

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Alphabet reusable silicone mould with a spacer to create a hole. This mould is suitable to be used as a keyring.

Moulds are reversed, work back to front.

This mould has been designed to use with the UV Resin starter kit. This mould has been illustrated and cast by Bekbek Makes using a flexible silicone rubber. It is suitable to be used with UV Resin as it is translucent the UV Light can reach all parts of the design. Onced cured you can turn the mould over and cure the rear side through the mould to ensure all parts of te design are set before releasing it. 

1 x Reuseable silicone mould only.

Sizes vary due to letters shape, but look correct when placed together. Measuring approximately smallest width 15mm to 41mm.