Hello and welcome to Bekbek Makes, home of all things UV Resin!
I'm Rebekka, the artist/ maker behind the brand.
My business started life as a handmade jewellery brand, turing my illustrations into laser cut pin badges, earrings and necklaces. My designs have a special quality because I remove sections completely replacing them with glitter and UV Resin, finishing them with a clear layer of UV Resin. This results in a beautiful shiny finish which magnifies the glitter inside.
I began attending tradeshows in 2018 and met lots of wonderful stockists from all over the world. In 2019 I met my Japanese distributors who offered me an incredible opportunity to demonstrate at two British Fairs in Japan over 3 weeks.
I would regularly get asked about how I made my jewellery. So I launched my UV Resin kits with everything needed to enable customers to create thier own beautiful peices.
As soon as my kits launched I was approched by Create & Craft (then Hochanda) and I now regularly appear each month on the Create & Craft Television channel demonstrating all the fun ways you can use UV Resin in your crafting.