UV Resin - How to

UV Resin cures in 2-4 minutes!

UV Resin 25ml bottle

UV Resin is different from two part resin as it cures in 2-4mins when exposed to UV Light.

Mixing glitter and resin together;

Curing the UV Resin and glitter using the UV torch.

Hedgehog jewellery UV Resin being cured with UV Torch

 UV Resin

Two Part Resin

Curing Time

2-4 Mins

12-48 hours


Best for small projects.

Suitable for large & small projects.


Ready to use

Measure/weigh ratios required and mix


To get started

The UV Resin Starter Kit contains the basics you'll need.

25ml of UV Resin - This is in a light proof bottle.

UV Torch - You will use this to cure your resin in 2-4 mins.

Wooden Sticks - These are to get you started, using the wooden sticks you can move your UV Resin around your design.

What can you create?

UV Resin is best suited to smaller projects such as jewellery, keyrings, bag charms, wine glass charms, dog tags, decorations, card embellishments. Because it cures so quickly once exposed to UV Light you have a lot more control of your design.

UV Resin & Wooden shapes

wooden sunflower shapesSunflower Brooch, Pin Badge, Earrings made fromUV Resin and Birch Wood

This sunflower brooch has been created by first painting the wooden shapes. Then mixing brown glitter with UV Resin and filling in the hollowed out section. This is then cured under the UV light. I have then added a clear layer over the top of the entire shape to give it a super shiny finish.


UV Resin & Silicone Moulds

Hexagon Silicone Mould

Reusable silicone moulds are perfect to use with UV Resin, allowing you to cast shapes over and over again. Although you can use any silicone mould, ideally translucent moulds are best. This is because once cured you can turn the mould over and cure the rear side through the mould ensuring the light reaches all parts of your design.